Why Choose Cardwell & Simons

Established in 1969, we are a friendly, family run business with over 45 years of partnering with schools across the south of England.

Why Choose Cardwell & Simons for YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY?

We are the longest running school photography company on The South Coast.  With over 50 years of time tested experience and a sublime track record.  We’ve worked tirelessly to establish a renowned reputation for providing outstanding quality along with exceptional service.

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We provide all our clients and customers with a friendly, efficient and dedicated customer care team that has a real passion for service along with an authentic personal touch.  We take great pride in both our quality and service and will bend over backwards to ensure that everyone is 100% happy with every aspect of our work.

From former photography students with first class honour degrees to veterans with decades of experience.  Our fully trained, highly experienced and award winning dream team of professional photographers will craft exquisite images for you that will be cherished forever.

We’re extremely proud to have our very own state of the art digital laboratory enabling the most stringent quality control along with the quickest turnaround times.  Every aspect of our work is done in house, from the editing and uploading to the printing and packing.  No worries, delays or errors from working with third parties.  You can rest assured knowing that every stage of your photography is handled directly by us and us alone.

We provide the highest commission rates along with a huge range of packs and products to cater to all tastes and budgets.  Combined with exclusive offers, generous deals plus mix and match options.  Our fund raising always exceeds expectations with over £10 million contributed to our clients so far!  This number is increasing vastly each year so why not see what a difference we can make for your photography services and fundraising capacity.


We provide a specialised and highly perfected approach ensuring remarkable photos paired with a quick, efficient and stress free experience.  We are fully GDPR complaint.

We have the highest review ratings of any school photography company due to our tremendous customer focus and 24/7 support services which transcends what it means to deliver true customer care.

We’ve got the widest range of backgrounds and poses on offer. Covering both traditional and contemporary styles and can even provide multiple pose and background options.

We offer complete flexibility with dates and times that work around your schedule.  We’ll ensure that your photography session is done safely and swiftly, with minimum disruption to lesson times.