Group Photos

From a timeless class photo to your sports teams celebrating their latest victory, our group photography captures the indomitable spirit of your classes, friends, teams and clubs so that they’ll be forged into history and remembered forever!

This fun and exciting shoot really captures the personalities of your students and staff, invoking a unique, natural and special photograph that everyone will be able to look back on fondly for years to come.

All group photos are 100% customisable via our specialist laboratory team.  School name, class names, pupil names, logo’s, colours and layout etc – all of this will be designed exactly how you want it with our expert team making sure that you’re 100% happy with the finished product before it’s printed.  You’ll also receive a free copy of each group image to display in your school as well as free copies for staff.

We offer a huge selection of different styles that are specifically tailored exactly to your needs.  Whether you’re a fan of the classic traditional group photo or maybe you prefer something a little more stylish and contemporary, no matter your preference we’ve got you covered and will expertly deliver unique and striking group photographs for you to save and cherish.

Our highly skilled photographers will take lots of care to compose the perfect shot.  The only difficult part is deciding which of our fantastic group options suits you best……..


Some things never go out of style, as proved with these timeless classics which are just as popular today as they were over 50 years ago!  Many parents purchase these traditional group photos each year to chart their children’s special journey through the school years.

This style of group photo is perfect for both classes and teams.  There’s plenty of flexibility as they can be taken inside against a wide variety of backdrops, expertly matched to blend in with and compliment your school uniforms.  Alternatively they can be taken outside as we’ll find the perfect spot in your school grounds to create outstanding images for you.


A fresh and modern alternative to a traditional group photo.  This is the exciting space where innovation meets creativity and the results are simply remarkable! 

These fun and informal photographs give the subjects a chance to let their unique personalities shine through and make for a very special photograph! 

There’s plenty of flexibility and originality during these shoots as we can take the photographs outside, often using your grounds or equipment to create a special shot or we can take the photographs inside against a crisp white backdrop which we can then skillfully combine in our state of the art laboratory.  Contact us today to get something new, exciting and special booked in for your group photos!


Our innovative composites are growing in popularity each year! Students are each photographed separately inside a frame and these images are then creatively stitched together in our lab against a background of your choosing. Like all group photos, this special shot is fully customisable so you can rest assured knowing that we’ll create a beautiful memento that you and the families will love!

Large Groups

The Cadillac of group photography, these spectacular large group shots are the perfect choice for any size and event.  Whether it’s the whole school marking a special occasion such as a centenary or notable retirement or it’s to capture and preserve entire year groups or maybe even a large group of leavers.  No matter what the reason is, we’ll deliver a memorable and remarkable image for you that will be admired for years to come!

We have our very own purpose-built photographic staging that’s fully compliant with the latest health and safety regulations to help us make these large photo dreams a reality.  Our sturdy staging is able to safely accommodate all students and staff without any issues.  Safety is paramount at all times and we’ll make sure that the entire process is managed carefully and professionally.

We can accommodate 600-650 people in one sitting (depending on the age group) but with digital mastery in our lab, we can increase this up to 1000 people!

So that’s our range of group photography options.  If there are any questions, you’ve seen something else that you like or even fancy trying something completely new then rest assured we can provide any style and type of photography that you’re after.

We look forward to hearing from you!