Nursery & Early Years

A child’s very first professional photography session is no small milestone and we take great pride and honour in encapsulating these precious moments for you.  With over 50 years of experience capturing these magical moments of youthful innocence, our fantastic team of professional photographers are well versed in working with nurseries, preschools and younger children in all settings.  This age range is a pure delight to work with and we absolutely adore photographing the biggest smiles of our smallest subjects as their bright and jubilant zeal lights up our cameras and hearts.

Our photographers will make a huge effort to make sure the children feel comfortable, relaxed and happy so that they can express themselves and let their unique personalities shine through.  This fun and exciting session comes with a huge range of background choices along with the use of toys and props to help showcase your little one’s wonderful character.  We can also take the photographs outside which works perfectly if you have suitable grounds for the children to play in and interact with creating some stunning natural and truly ‘in the moment’ images.

We aim to take multiple poses of every child to give parents a wide choice of expressions and personality so that they can have the perfect memento to treasure forever. 

As well as the popular portrait service, our group sessions are always in high demand.  From a special play or event to cherishing the memory of their favourite teacher, our group options are the perfect choice for capturing a timeless classic.

Our expert photographers will ensure these group sessions run smoothly by making sure that everyone is relaxed and having fun, as well as being clearly visible and looking their best.  Props and costumes are always encouraged and make for some superb photos!  The group shots can be taken either inside against a wide range of backgrounds or outside in the your scenic grounds.  No matter the location – the framing, composition and smiles will be perfect!

We can also provide something a bit more fresh and contemporary by photographing small groups against a white background and then seamlessly merging them together in our state of the art laboratory.  This exciting style of modern photography makes for some striking shots and we can fully customise it by adding names, years, logos and other splashes of colour.  

We’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure the photograph is exactly to your style and liking before it gets printed. Lastly, why not try our graduation portrait and group options.  After all, we can expertly capture your children’s first taste of nursery life, why not capture the last moments as well and what better way to mark the end of that important journey then with a graduation photoshoot! 

We’ll provide stunning portrait photographs of each child, complete with an adorable graduation robe, hat and scroll as well as making a group photograph of the entire class.  These fun and creative photographs are the perfect way to celebrate this important end of an era moment and will be looked back on fondly for years to come!

With decades of experience under our belt, we know exactly how to get the best photos in the least amount of time with disruption kept to an absolute minimum.  We can fit in with the most stringent of schedules and can even help plan all the details with you beforehand.

We also offer a massive range of high quality yet affordable products and packs ensuring that all tastes and budgets are covered. 

We like to visit each nursery and preschool at least twice a year.  Once for the portraits and once for the groups.  Holiday themed shoots are also available and extremely popular! 

We’re constantly updating our backgrounds and poses.  If you’ve seen something else that you like or fancy trying something new then rest assured we can provide any style and type of photography that you’re after.

Any queries or questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!